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Welcome to Laughing Lotus Yoga

We offer general dynamic hatha flow classes with a community feel. At Laughing Lotus Yoga, we run a range of classes catering from beginners through to students that have a general level of strength and flexibility. Classes include Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asanas (physical postures) and a guided Meditation, which enables your body mind and spirit to be united. We follow nature's circadian rhythm. We have General Classes for the mornings to prepare us for the day, and Gentle classes in the evenings to prepare us for rest, and undo the stresses of the day.

We also offer Yoga therapy,  private classes, corporate classes,  Partner yoga,  Full moon yoga in warmer months, Yin yoga, Master classes and Relaxation Massage. Online classes are also available.

We provide all equipment, however you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

A change room is available for use.

Half Spinal TwistTeachers

Lisa McGarva

Lisa McGarvaLisa is the principal Teacher and founder of Laughing Lotus Yoga. She has practiced Yoga since 1998. She studied her Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training with My Health Yoga in Brisbane.  Lisa went on to study her Level 2 with Flo Fenton's In Touch Yoga which has a strong emphasis on Yoga Therapy.

Yuri Dobrotin

Yuri DobrotinYuri is an explorer, and yoga for him is one more way to explore nature, fellow humans, as well as himself. Besides yoga, Yuri practiced and taught martial arts for years in Canada, Europe and here in Australia. Yuri is a Level 2 Yoga Teacher having done all of his study with Flo Fenton.

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At Laughing Lotus Yoga we like to give back to our community. As a thank you to the wonderful men and women whom work directly for the QLD Police service , QLD Ambulance service, and QLD Fire Service we offer ongoing free classes. Please speak to Lisa for details.  We also run free classes for people who are undergoing cancer treatment.